Vacuum Glazing
Perth & Central Scotland

Based in Perth, we install market leading FINEO vacuum glazing for homeowners across Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling, Dundee, and the surrounding areas of Central Scotland. Get in contact for a quote or read more about this product below.

Restoration & Renovation Glazing

Our vacuum glazing is an ideal high performance solution to old single glazing and heritage slim light units. If you live in a historic building with many single glazed windows, look no further. You can cut down massively on wasted energy lost through inefficient single glass panes. Vacuum glazing is just as slim, making it a perfect replacement, and it can provide an 800 % increase in thermal efficiency.

You can enjoy vacuum glazing in your property by getting in contact with BESPOKE windows by RKM today. We offer quality craftsmanship and the very best customer service all over Perth, Central Scotland and surrounding areas.

Outstanding Thermal Efficiency

Our ultra thin vacuum glazing is exceptionally efficient at retaining heat for your building. It’s a brilliant, cost effective solution for heritage and conservation properties. The elegant slimline design will easily match the character of your building whilst providing modern thermal efficiency. It’s an effective means to save on energy bills throughout the year.

To illustrate, a typical single pane of glass found in a historic building offers a U-value of 5.8W/m2K, with much of the heating lost predominantly through all the windows. Our vacuum glazing achieves an industry leading U-value of 0.7W/m2K, which is eight times more efficient. Your windows will be a perfect replica without losing any of the period charm of your property.

Modern & Sustainable Technology

Vacuum glazing is some of the most advanced glazing technology of its kind. It is as highly suited to renovation projects as it is for new builds. Weighing only 17.5kg and 6.77mm in width, the most cutting edge engineering makes this a premium quality product.

It’s also cost effective and made using sustainable practices. This vacuum glazing is manufactured with little carbon emitted and eco friendly distribution methods. Choose us for top quality vacuum glazing made for a greener, healthier environment.

Vacuum Glazing Options

FINEO Solar Control

This glass offers an ideal temperature all year round. You'll never be too hot in the summer and your home will be perfectly warm in the winter.

FINEO Safety

If you have any safety requirements that need to be met, such as glazing that is close to the ground, this safety glass is a great choice.

FINEO Heritage

Do you live in a heritage property? This glass is perfect for period style properties or if you are living in a conservation area.


This glazing offers exceptional thermal insulation and is extremely lightweight. It offers similar performance to triple glazing.

FINEO Acoustic

Reduce noise pollution and unwanted acoustics with this brilliant glazing. You can have a much improved living dynamic with FINEO Acoustic.

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Excellent experience from the very beginning. Window building and installation with RKM is a significant step up the fenestration food ladder than most of the mainstream outfits.

Even with the structural and sometimes complex problems that living in a 1900s listed building has, RKM navigated through them, and the end result is stunning.

Bryan Simpson

Absolutely fantastic service throughout! Benn guided us through all our options and helped us pick the perfect door and windows, paying attention to the smallest detail that we hadn’t even thought about!

The door and windows were to tie in with the existing house and he took the time to check through all colour samples to find the closest match. Super quick turn around and absolutely amazing quality – couldn’t be happier!

Louise Ogilvy

Amazing service from Reece and Owen from BESPOKE windows by RKM. 12 old windows in an old cottage replaced with lovely new double glazed ones have made all the difference! Lovely to get the job done just before Christmas too! Very clean and tidy workers.

Jasmine Miller

Had my windows upgraded and extremely pleased with the results! The salesman was very professional, knowledgeable and easy to deal with. Windows were perfect and the fitting was completed as advised! Very happy to recommend.”

Harry Lawrence

Highly recommend! Top quality products and craftsmanship. Genuine customer service along with excellent communication. Thank you very much!

Kate Thompson

Timber sliding sash windows cost dundee

Suited for Large Scale Projects

You can request our vacuum glazing for large scale projects as well as smaller homes. If you have a large historic building or period property with 30-40 windows, our expert team can accommodate your needs. There’s no project too large for us.

We’ve supplied and installed to homes and properties all over Central Scotland, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling and Dundee. Get in touch with our Perth based team for a quote today, no matter how bespoke your project requirements are.

Noise Reduction

Vacuum glazing provides excellent protection against acoustic noise. It reduces vehicle, street, and any outdoor noise pollution for a much more comfortable home environment. Our glazing can provide soundproofing of around 10 dB.

Get a free quote for our noise reducing glazing today! Our vacuum glazing is better than similar glazed products for homes and workplaces. It’s never been easier to enhance your building with a product that offers as much all round efficiency as this.

Custom Made

At BESPOKE window by RKM, we’re timber experts. You can easily have our vacuum glazing retrofit into existing frames or your new timber sliding sash windows. It’s a way to preserve the style of your property and transform it with all the benefits of modern windows.

Safety or monumental vacuum glazing options are available. Get in touch with our Perth based team today with your specifications, no matter how bespoke. We’re well experienced with projects of all sizes over Scotland- from big to small homes.

Vacuum Glazing Prices Perth & Central Scotland

If you’re looking for prices for our market leading vacuum glazing, please get in contact with our Perth based team today. We’ll take a few details and information about your project to match you with the perfect product. Alternatively call us at 01738 479541 for any information you need.

Why Choose Us?

We’re based in Perth and are the go to specialists for all things home renovation in Central Scotland. We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to innovate. That’s why we choose to work with cutting edge manufacturers like FINEO and install their brilliant vacuum glazing.

Our products are suitable for new builds and conservation areas. We have a fantastic offering of windows and doors, all available for you to view here on our website. We’re a family run company with over three decades of experience. Thanks to our broad depth of industry knowledge, we can recommend the very best for your home.

All our installations are completed in a timely manner by a friendly and professional team of craftsmen. We’ll provide exceptional customer service from the start through to the finish of your project. Contact us today for a free quote for vacuum windows and to get your project started.

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