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Timber Windows Glasgow

At Bespoke by RKM, we pride ourselves on crafting beautiful timber windows for homes across Glasgow and Central Scotland, perfectly suited to your home and specifications. With a range of colours available, and all our timber frames made to measure, you can be confident that you are getting the best products for your property, fully customised to suit you. Timber frames are beloved as they support this architectural flexibility, and your home will always be the foundation of our designs.

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Timeless Style

With so many beautiful period style properties in Glasgow, we appreciate that homeowners need windows that marry high quality standards of thermal efficiency and security but still maintain the traditional aesthetics of their home. Replacing the traditional windows of a period property or listed building with plastic windows can be jarring to look at, removing the character from your home. If your home or property is a listed or conservation building, then installing plastic windows may also be a violation of your planning permission and can cause significant problems for you throughout the process. With timber windows, however, you can uphold and respect the requirements of your home, complementing the original designs of the property.

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Insulating Properties

Timber contains naturally occurring insulating properties, which helps prevent heat loss from your home, meaning less fuel is required to maintain warmth during the depths of Scottish winters. This insulation will therefore save you money on your heating bills throughout their lifetime, more than making up for the initial expenditure for such high quality frames. 

In a world where we are all increasingly conscious of global warming and the welfare of the planet, you can also be assured that you have chosen frames made of renewable resources. Timber frames can be biodegraded when they are finally done with and are a more eco-friendly choice when compared to aluminium or uPVC windows. Less fuel required for heating also reduces your carbon emissions and prevents damage to the atmosphere.

Timber Windows Glasgow


Our timber frames are crafted from the finest quality hardwoods to ensure optimal results. Our timber window frames can be expected to last for decades, far outshining uPVC or aluminium frames.  Your grandchildren could still be enjoying the timber frames you commission today with their own families. We don’t just create windows for your home, we create legacies for your families. 

Timber frames can withstand intensive weather without losing strength or quality. As a company based in the heart of Central Scotland, we appreciate just how tough our homes need to be to cope with the broad range of weather conditions we experience throughout the year! When you invest in timber windows for your home, you can expect long-reaching results and quality from your windows.

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Our handcrafted timber windows not only offer elegance, but they are incredibly hardwearing against potential intruders. All of our windows use FSC certified timber and as a result you can be confident that they will remain rigid and secure, protecting your home and family. Enjoy robust frames with highly acclaimed rigidity to give you added peace of mind. 

We also stock Ultion’s superior locking mechanisms, and can test our windows to additional standards on request. You can be confident that your timber window frames are working to keep you safe around the clock.

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Vacuum Glazing

Our cutting edge vacuum glazing drastically improves the thermal efficiency of historic buildings.

If you live in a historic building with many single glazed windows, look no further. You can cut down massively on wasted energy lost through inefficient single glazing. Vacuum glazing is just as slim, making it a perfect replacement, and it can provide a huge increase in thermal efficiency.

Timber Window Prices Glasgow

To discuss prices of our timber frames and how they can be incorporated into your property, contact our team of experts now and we will be happy to help you begin your journey to beautiful timber frames in your home.

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